In honour of Tip Top Plastics turning 72 this year, we thought we would take a journey down memory lane! Tip Top Plastics wasn’t always Tip Top Plastics! The company actually began as Tip Top Leather Goods, under the direction of Henry and John Lednar in 1952 in a small shop front in North Melbourne. Henry and John made the leather components of shoes, and didn’t change the company name until they started to manufacture plastic soles for shoes in 1954.

After rebranding as Tip Top Plastics, Henry and John moved to a bigger shop front on High Street, Preston in 1954. The father and son team made shoes for IMPS, Corvin Shoes and Cadet Shoes and before long bought the shop next door, giving them two shop fronts on High Street Preston. The heavier work load called for a Sales Manager, so they welcome Charles Levi. Charles worked as a Sales Manager and all-rounder with Tip Top Plastics until he retired in 2018.

On 29th January, 1965 the hard working trio moved into the Blanch St, Preston factory and purchased their first plastic injection moulding machine, and thus, the Tip Top Plastics we know today was born! Over the years, the team expanded, as did the work, and in 1985 the company welcomed Andrew, John Lednar’s son. Tip Top Plastics manufactured popular 70’s kids’ toys; Demolition Derby and Toltoys Frisbee, while holding contracts with well known Holden, Toyota, Tupperware, Nylex, Decor, Ford, Vulcan and Hoover!

Tip Top Plastics thrived in the Preston factory until 2018. Preston had become a residential neighbourhood and Tip Top Plastics needed a new home. 2018 saw some of Tip Tops’ biggest challenges; moving 17 machines and 53 years worth of equipment and ‘stuff’ to the new factory in Campbellfield. The resilient team at Tip Top Plastics managed to continue operations while setting up a new factory from scratch and moving.. no easy feat! Tip Top opened the doors of their new Campbellfield factory in 2019 after a gruelling year!

Still very much a family business, Andrew Lednar works proudly alongside his wife, sister, son, daughter and nephew to mould items for the mining, construction, aviation, military, heating & cooling and retail industries. Tip Top is pleased to say that most employees have worked with the company for at least 20 years, making them family too! Tip Top Plastics is proud of their Exactapak product line, which is now available for purchase direct from the manufacturer online.

Here’s to another 70 years!

Tip Top Plastics has been in the manufacturing game for almost 70 years, creating every item in our factories in Preston, Melbourne (1954-2018) and Campbellfield, Melbourne (2019-present). We have employed in excess of 40 staff members during our time of operation and feel proud to contribute to the families of our team.

Everyone tells us we need to buy Australian made, but why? Here are a few stand-out reasons that we think are important to fight for:

By 1980, Australian manufacturing employment had fallen from 25% to just 19%. The 70’s and 80’s saw approximately 6.1 million people in the workforce annually. The 6% decline by 1980 actually represents 340,000 manufacturing jobs lost. Currently there are approximately 714,000 manufacturing employees, making up only 5% of our employed population. Now, more than ever, we need to support Australian manufacturing, before it is too late!

Our updated website has moved with times and now includes the option to buy our products online! Check out Please remember, when you buy from a small, Australian business, you are not helping a CEO buy his 3rd holiday house; you are helping small business owners employ locals; you are helping families to put their kids through school and put food on their tables. At Tip Top Plastics, our team are our family.

The team at Tip Top Plastics are excited to finally announce the launch of our new online store!

It's been a work in progress for a little while so it's great to see it all up and running!
You can now shop our complete Exactapak range direct from the manufacturer.
Supporting small Aussie businesses means you are supporting Aussie families too! 💚
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