A car maximises tons of components so it can move and travel from one place to another. One of the components that it utilises is the battery.

The battery of a car plays numerous functions to keep the said vehicle moving. One function of the car battery is to provide the needed power for the car. Upon turning the key or pushing the button, the battery’s stored chemical energy turns into electrical energy, which is distributed to other components essential for the car’s movement and functions. A car battery can also start the vehicle’s ignition system and absorb excessive voltage from car components.

Given the importance of a car battery, it should be checked and maintained regularly. It should also be placed optimally inside the car to prevent it from obtaining some damage. One way to keep the car battery in place is to install it with a battery hold down.

Primary Purposes of Battery Hold Downs

Many car batteries can boast different sizes, which may fit specific types of vehicles. They can also utilise different elements that can provide advantages to various vehicle owners. They can likewise boast varying power capacities, which can affect their capacity to hold a charge or handle quick bursts of speed. Ultimately, car batteries may differ based on their manufacturers. Some manufacturers may pair them with longer warranties, while others do not.

Since car batteries may boast different specifications, they should also be paired with the right battery hold downs. Battery hold downs are accessories that can keep car batteries intact in one place. They prevent these batteries from moving around while driving, minimising the damage that they may obtain from hitting the surfaces of their surroundings. Battery hold downs can also deter short circuits, which may occur once car battery wires come into contact with one another.

The addition of car battery hold downs can prevent batteries from causing a short circuit. These accessories can also protect the batteries from failing prematurely. They can likewise keep the terminal clean, ensuring that they can establish optimal contact with the cables.

Selecting the Perfect Battery Hold Down

To ensure that the battery of your car will be protected from damage, you must invest in the right battery hold down. Here are some things to consider when picking a battery hold down.

One of the things that you must consider is the type of your battery. Lead acid batteries are often more affordable than lithium-ion ones. However, they do not last for a long time. Lithium-ion batteries, for instance, can last longer despite their high costs. Considering the type of your battery can help you find a battery hold down that can function and last for a long time, even if your battery has deteriorated already.

Size is also another thing that you must consider in choosing your battery hold down. Your accessory should be able to fit your battery without any issues. Once installed, your battery is expected to not move around and attain damage.

The last thing you must consider in selecting your battery hold down is its material. Most battery hold downs are made from plastics as they tend to be more affordable than other materials. They can also last for a reasonable number of years.

If you need to purchase a quality battery hold down for your car battery, you can contact us at Tip Top Plastics so we can provide you with one that can perform optimally.

Manufacturers often use a wide array of tools in processing different materials. As their operations conclude, they can effectively provide industries with tons of products from various materials. Some materials often processed by manufacturers are timbers, metals, and plastics.

Plastics are materials often utilised by manufacturers due to their overall durability, reliability, and longevity. They can also be moulded and shaped conveniently, making their production process easier and shorter compared to other materials. Some plastic products can even be recycled, helping industries contribute to the betterment of the environment.

A process that can generate tons of plastic products for various industries is known as injection moulding. It injects molten plastic pellets at pressure into a mould cavity. As the molten plastics solidify, the final product is produced. Many industries take advantage of custom moulded plastics since they are affordable, customisable, and cost-effective. Here are some industries that take advantage of custom moulded plastics.

Food and Beverage 

The food and beverage industry is an industry that generates a lot of revenue yearly. And since it caters to the processing of food products, the tools used for the industry should meet the food safety standards. These standards, fortunately, are met by custom moulded plastics as they are food-grade. Some food processing equipment pieces that can maximise custom moulded plastic components are manufacturing equipment and conveyor systems.


The medical industry must only use products that are safe and hygienic. Custom moulded plastics, fortunately, can be used to generate a lot of medical devices without compromising quality standards. These medical devices include device packaging, surgical prep tools, diagnostic test kits, X-ray components, stethoscope parts, and medical research tools.


Closely related to the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry can also take advantage of custom moulded plastic products since they are durable. They can also conveniently meet industry standards for sterilisation, which enables them to be safe and effective. Some pharmaceutical products that can be made from these plastics are eyedroppers and syringes.

Consumer Products

Consumer products are items often used by individuals in their daily lives. These products include household items, automotive components, and electronic devices. Since consumers are picky when it comes to choosing these things, businesses that manufacture these products should only maximise durable and versatile materials. Custom moulded plastics are among the materials often utilised by these businesses in manufacturing quality consumer products.


The construction industry is another industry that continues to maximise custom moulded plastics as one of its materials in creating construction materials. The durability, stability, reliability, and efficiency of these materials make them very useful in generating fasteners, hand tools, and other things needed in new building construction, renovation, and other projects.


One more industry that takes advantage of custom moulded plastics is the transportation industry. The transportation industry uses these plastics in manufacturing semi-truck handles, body panels, brake pads, and aspirators. One reason why the industry utilises these plastics is they do not lose their durability despite being processed.

Custom moulded plastics are truly among the most utilised materials by various industries. To obtain products made from these materials, you can contact us at Tip Top Plastics.

When it comes to producing parts and products, manufacturers would often opt for materials that can ensure their effectiveness and longevity. One material that they take advantage of is plastic since it is generally durable, resistant to elements, and versatile. It can even be moulded into various form factors and shapes.

To effectively manufacture plastic parts and products, most manufacturers are expected to carry out plastic injection moulding. Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process wherein the molten plastic material is injected into a customised mould. The molten material will then cool down and solidify to its final form. Complex parts and products can be generated by this process as the mould can be modified into various shapes and styles.

At Tip Top Plastics, we have been maximising this process in producing plastic parts and products since it can produce large volumes of plastic parts and products consistently and efficiently. Here are some plastic materials that we process with plastic injection moulding.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS is a plastic material popular for its transparent look. It has a relatively low melting point, making this material easier to mould and process. One great quality of ABS is it can boast various textures and surface finishes. It is also strong and resistant to impact, heat, oils, acids, and alkalis. This material, however, can be weak against weather elements. All these properties make ABS a good material for electrical components, plastic wall plates for outlets, automotive components, and industrial fittings.

Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene is a plastic that can be classified into two, namely, general-purpose polystyrene and high-impact polystyrene. The general purpose of polystyrene is known for its brittleness and glass-like clarity. It has, however, less dimensional stability compared to its high-impact counterpart. The high-impact one, on the other hand, is opaque and has better dimensional stability. Both types, fortunately, can be processed with plastic injection moulding as they can produce lightweight and durable parts and products.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is popular in a wide array of industries due to its versatility. This material is softer and more malleable, making it great for food packaging materials, textiles, and advertising vinyl signs. As for the more rigid version of this material, it can be processed into water pipes, drink bottles, and children’s toys. Most of these products are expected to be lightweight, strong, cost-effective, and recyclable.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a flexible polymer known for its strong resistance to heat, chemicals, solvents, and acids. It also maximises a low-friction surface and hygienic finish. These qualities make this plastic great for producing plastic films for packaging and labelling, carpets, washing up bowls, microwavable dishes, sporting goods, and storage containers. Upon the end of their service life, polypropylene products can be collected and recycled up to four times.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate has great strength and toughness that makes this material one of the most utilised plastics in the manufacturing industry. Even at various temperatures, this material can easily maintain its physical properties and colour for a long time. PC, however, is not recommended for food-related products. This material can be used for windows, light pipes for LEDs, and machinery guards.

To gain access to our plastic products, you can contact us at Tip Top Plastics.

Storage solutions are essential to most businesses and even households as they can protect different types of products from getting damaged. These helpful solutions likewise intend to keep everything organised. Ultimately, they ensure that hazardous products will be kept safe and will not cause any harm to anyone.

Many materials can be used in manufacturing storage bins, containers, and cases. But one standout material that a lot of people utilise is plastic. Plastic is often maximised in producing storage solutions as it is durable and resistant to elements. It can also be manufactured into different shapes and form factors.

Benefits of Plastic Storage Solutions

Once plastics are used in producing storage solutions, they can provide users with more benefits that other storage options cannot provide.

One of the benefits of plastic storage solutions is they are efficient. Since plastics can be modified into various shapes, storage solutions out of these materials can boast form factors that can fit whatever items one would like to safe keep. They can even be integrated with stackable or sliding plastic compartments to further elevate product storage.

And with efficient storage, plastic storage solutions can significantly improve product management. Storing a wide array of products inside cardboard boxes and others can be messy. Without efficient stock product management, it would be difficult for some people to find and identify stored items. Plastic storage bins, containers, and cases, alternatively, can help them find and identify the same things right away, eliminating costly downtimes.

Plastic storage solutions can also be beneficial for industries and households as they can protect items from dust, debris, and other damaging elements. They can likewise be cleaned easily by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Storage Cases from Tip Top Plastics

We, at Tip Top Plastics, take advantage of our lengthy experience in moulding a large variety of materials including polyurethane, nylon, ABS, polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and acetal. This experience allowed us to design and produce double-sided storage cases that our clients in various industries can fully maximise for a long time.

Three double-sided storage cases that we can offer to our clients are as follows.

1. Exactapak: Exactapak is a double-sided storage case comprised of a clear polycarbonate internal lid for easy viewing of its contents. It also features tough ABS construction to ensure that it can withstand sudden drops and falls. Even with extreme movement, its content will remain locked in, making it ideal for the trade industry, tackle, and hobbies.

2. Multi 10: The construction of Multi 10 is like Exactapak. It boasts, however, ten removable red ABS insert tubs for more organised storage.

3. Multi 6: A compact alternative to Multi 10, our Multi 6 storage case features six insert tubs that can be used for optimal storage of products. It is lightweight, stackable, and tough thanks to its polycarbonate and ABS combination.

All our storage cases are made and owned by our team at Tip Top Plastics. To gain access to these products, you can contact us at Tip Top Plastics.

One of the materials being used by industries today is plastic. Plastics are polymeric materials that can be moulded and shaped through heat and pressure. The plasticity quality of plastics enticed industries to use parts and products made from these materials.

As mentioned earlier, plastic products can be produced through heat. And one process that can help industries attain their needed parts and products is plastic injection moulding.

Plastic injection moulding is a process wherein solid thermoplastic polymers are heated above their melting point. This step converts them into molten fluid with low viscosity. The converted polymers are subsequently injected into a mould that possesses the shape of the final object until they cool down. When it comes to wholesale plastic products, manufacturers often turn to plastic injection moulding as it can provide the following benefits.

Dependable Results

Manufacturers can conveniently produce wholesale plastic products through plastic injection moulding as it is dependable. By using the right tool design and materials, plastic injection moulding can conveniently produce highly complex, detailed plastic parts and products with tight tolerances and without any issues. This special process can even produce these plastic items in large volumes, which makes the whole production faster. Of course, this benefit can only be achieved with the help of the right engineers, tools, and materials.

Faster Development

Wholesale plastic products are expected to come in large quantities as they are often intended to be sold again to make a profit. With the help of plastic injection moulding, wholesale buyers can conveniently obtain their products since the process can shorten their overall development. Utilising the right tools and plastic materials can help speed up the production cycles without compromising the quality of the products. The faster products are delivered to wholesale buyers, the more revenues they can expect as time passes.

Excellent Properties

Parts and products generated from plastic injection moulding can boast qualities that can be beneficial for businesses purchasing them in bulk. For one, plastic moulded parts and products can remain durable for a long time thanks to their high tensile strength. This property allows them to withstand damaging elements without any issues. Another great property of plastic moulded items is their excellent finish. Plastic injection moulding can effectively provide plastic products with appropriate finishes for their intended applications.

Low Acquisition Cost

The tools used for plastic injection moulding are getting cheaper as their components become more efficient. Even the cost of plastic materials is falling since many of them can now be recycled with the help of the right tools. As these things get cheaper, acquiring wholesale plastic products today is expected to be cheaper as well. The low acquisition cost of these products, however, can also be attributed to the flexibility of plastic injection moulding as it can already produce multiple parts in one run, cutting the overall energy costs of the process.

The existence of plastic injection moulding allows industries to acquire affordable wholesale plastic products without any compromises on their quality and longevity. To acquire high-quality plastic products in bulk, you may contact us at Tip Top Plastics.