Benefits and Functions of Battery Hold Down (side mount)

29 June 2016

There are so many little things in a car that vehicle owners obviously overlook, and are unable to care for them all. A good example is the battery hold down side mount, it is notorious for being overlooked and just after a few years, and most standard automobile battery holders corrode or get damaged.

The reason this happens is that automobile manufacturers use low-quality metal parts whenever possible, in non-critical areas, such as the car battery holder. It is a common, standard practice, but there are alternative replacements parts, other than metal ones you can buy that won’t ever need replacing.

Actually, replacing vehicle battery arm holders is not uncommon, metal replacements are available and vary in pricing based on the quality of the metal they are. Replacing a battery hold down side mount can be avoid with proper care and cleaning, but nearly everyone overlooks it, which is why replacements parts are so popular. However, rather than replacing these with metal battery side mount holders every few years, there is industrial strength plastic available that doesn’t corrode or rust and secures the vehicle’s battery as good as metal ones.


Is Metal or Plastic Battery Hold Down Side Mount Better?

As the name suggests, it holds your vehicle’s battery in place and prevents it from getting damaged or from touching anything else under the hood, that’s important. A loose car battery is an accident about to happen, that is why corroded, rusting, and low-quality metal battery hold down side mounts need replacing, but plastic ones never do.

Modern industrial grade battery hold down side mounts are ideal because they do not corrode or rust. These are available for order from Tip Top Plastic – a custom plastic injection moulding company that specialises in all types of engineering plastics, especially Polyurethane.

When it comes to the best quality, custom plastic injection moulding products, Tip Top Plastics is your one-stop-shop. Having extensive experience in a wide range of plastic products, our company’s battery hold down side mounts are really better than any metal ones because these take up less space, fit easily under the hood, and do not corrode or rust.

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