Double-Sided Storage Cases You Can Purchase from Tip Top Plastics

08 November 2022

Storage solutions are essential to most businesses and even households as they can protect different types of products from getting damaged. These helpful solutions likewise intend to keep everything organised. Ultimately, they ensure that hazardous products will be kept safe and will not cause any harm to anyone.

Many materials can be used in manufacturing storage bins, containers, and cases. But one standout material that a lot of people utilise is plastic. Plastic is often maximised in producing storage solutions as it is durable and resistant to elements. It can also be manufactured into different shapes and form factors.

Benefits of Plastic Storage Solutions

Once plastics are used in producing storage solutions, they can provide users with more benefits that other storage options cannot provide.

One of the benefits of plastic storage solutions is they are efficient. Since plastics can be modified into various shapes, storage solutions out of these materials can boast form factors that can fit whatever items one would like to safe keep. They can even be integrated with stackable or sliding plastic compartments to further elevate product storage.

And with efficient storage, plastic storage solutions can significantly improve product management. Storing a wide array of products inside cardboard boxes and others can be messy. Without efficient stock product management, it would be difficult for some people to find and identify stored items. Plastic storage bins, containers, and cases, alternatively, can help them find and identify the same things right away, eliminating costly downtimes.

Plastic storage solutions can also be beneficial for industries and households as they can protect items from dust, debris, and other damaging elements. They can likewise be cleaned easily by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Storage Cases from Tip Top Plastics

We, at Tip Top Plastics, take advantage of our lengthy experience in moulding a large variety of materials including polyurethane, nylon, ABS, polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and acetal. This experience allowed us to design and produce double-sided storage cases that our clients in various industries can fully maximise for a long time.

Three double-sided storage cases that we can offer to our clients are as follows.

1. Exactapak: Exactapak is a double-sided storage case comprised of a clear polycarbonate internal lid for easy viewing of its contents. It also features tough ABS construction to ensure that it can withstand sudden drops and falls. Even with extreme movement, its content will remain locked in, making it ideal for the trade industry, tackle, and hobbies.

2. Multi 10: The construction of Multi 10 is like Exactapak. It boasts, however, ten removable red ABS insert tubs for more organised storage.

3. Multi 6: A compact alternative to Multi 10, our Multi 6 storage case features six insert tubs that can be used for optimal storage of products. It is lightweight, stackable, and tough thanks to its polycarbonate and ABS combination.

All our storage cases are made and owned by our team at Tip Top Plastics. To gain access to these products, you can contact us at Tip Top Plastics.