Choosing the Best Option for your Storage Boxes

29 February 2016

One of the most forward-thinking storage boxes on the market is the double sided storage case. In fact, many consider these storage cases to be the best organizers around. The boxes are perfect for organizing a variety of items such as scrapbooking materials, art supplies, jewelry, beads, gems, nuts and bolts, trade industry supplies, fishing tackle and numerous other items.

Moreover, the cases are ideal for travel such as for art or trade shows. This is because they have a sturdy handle and the ultimate architectural design so items are easy to locate. As well, the double sided storage box has two different lidded sides that conveniently open up in the middle. That way you can separate items and keep them systematized. Plus, the innovative design gives it the ability lie flat so you have access to basically two distinct organizers.

These storage cases are compact and simple to carry. Not only are they perfect for travel but they are a great way to keep thing clean and organized at home. And when it comes to selecting the ideal storage boxes, there are basically two types available.



The grey Exactapak storage cases offer a sturdy and protected way to organize small items with immediate stress-free access to all compartments. The storage cases can be utilized for a variety of applications and has various benefits.

  • Numerous different uses
  • Professional organized character
  • Displays organization
  • Lids that lock for keeping items secure
  • Clear lids to view items
  • Double sided for extra storage
  • Ideal for hobbies, tackle, trade and maintenance
  • Half case dimensions: 484mm x 312mm x 62mm
  • Made and designed in Australia
  • Durable ABS Plastic
  • Polycarbonate Lockable Clear Internal Lids


Multi 10

The Multi 10 storage boxes are similar to the original version of the Exactapak but have a few extras. It includes 4 ABS plastic insert tubs with an option for extra tubs.

  • Australian owned and made
  • Double sided for additional storage
  • Clear polycarbonate lid for easy vision of items
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Items remain locked in with no overflow
  • Case has 10 removable red ABS insert tubs
  • Perfect for tradesperson or handyperson, also for tackle and hobbies


Tip Top Plastics

The Tip Top Plastics manufacturing company was founded in 1954 by Henry and John Lednar. By 1965, our business expanded and moved to our current property of 20,000 square feet at 1-3 Blanch St, Preston. And in April 19, we had our first plastic injection – moulding machine which progressed to injection moulding.

Today, Tip Top Plastics has 16 injection moulding machines and a huge amount of ancillary equipment. As well, we have a highly trained and experienced staff that is very dedicated. Tip Top Plastics prides in extraordinary quality and unsurpassed customer service.

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