Yellow Star Picket / Reo Safety Caps – Simple Safety and Protection

16 March 2016

One of the most commonplace hazards on today’s workplace, shops and construction sites is protruding rebar. In fact, the dangers are so high that there are occasional standards enforced. Moreover, there have been cases reported where the force of the rebar was so great that life threatening injury occurred.

Unfortunately, extended rebar can be found most anywhere such as out of the ground, extending over a truck and being carried by a worker. It really does not take much for a serious injury to occur when someone falls on it or walk into it. In addition, rebar that protrudes and causes injury is a liability ready to happen.

Thankfully, serious injury and liabilities can be avoided with protective safety caps. However, secure protection is only provided when the safety caps are placed on the ends of reinforcing bars. When it comes to shielding star pickets and reinforcing bars, Yellow Star Picket / Reo Safety Caps provide the ultimate protection when placed on exposed ends.


Improves Safety on the Job Site

The majority of construction workers know the damage and injury that can be caused by protruding rebar. Just the slightest slip or fall onto an unshielded bar can be disastrous. Not only are the medical treatments lengthy and expensive but compensation payments are rather extreme.

Nonetheless, Yellow Star Picket / Reo Safety Caps are the only way to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. They help reduce and preclude the risk of injuries.


Durable and Resilient

Yellow Star Picket / Reo Safety Caps are made of extremely durable material for full protection. And for additional safety, they come in a bright color for high visibility. Additionally, the cushioned soft and pliable plastic caps are specially designed for rebar. Compared to other safety caps, their special construction is a lot more resilient to extreme weather, does not crack as easily and lasts longer. In fact, the safety caps are so pliable that they will over and burred metal posts. Moreover, they are best suited for 12 – 36 mm reinforcement bars. Reo Safety Caps are also ideal for star pickets.


Cost Effective and Reusable

Reo Safety Caps are an inexpensive solution to the prevention of injury in the shop and on construction sites. Not only do they help prevent fatal grievances to workers but they save you money by being reusable. Moreover, their stacking ability makes them extremely convenient for workers to carry on the job site. That way the Safety caps are available the moment they are needed. This convenience drastically reduces overall damages.

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