Double-Sided Storage Cases You Can Purchase from Tip Top Plastics

08 November 2022

Storage solutions are essential to most businesses and even households as they can protect different types of products from getting damaged. These helpful solutions likewise intend to keep everything organised. Ultimately, they ensure that hazardous products will be kept safe and will not cause any harm to anyone. Many materials […]

Primary Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding in Producing Wholesale Plastic Products

25 October 2022

One of the materials being used by industries today is plastic. Plastics are polymeric materials that can be moulded and shaped through heat and pressure. The plasticity quality of plastics enticed industries to use parts and products made from these materials. As mentioned earlier, plastic products can be produced through […]

Why Should You Buy High-Quality Plastic Moulded Products from Tip Top Plastics?

04 October 2022

Manufacturing companies rely on a wide array of materials to produce and distribute products that industries and clients often need. One of the materials they often maximise is plastic. Plastic maximises polymers in generating various types of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. One defining quality of plastic materials is they can […]

Properties of High Grade Quality Polyurethane Plastics

23 March 2017

All polymers are not created equal. With this in mind, let’s delve into the properties of high-grade polyurethanes, a plastics family that consumers and industrial clients hold in high esteem. Granted, there are many polyurethane manufacturers out there, but we’re only interested in the process leaders, the PU formulations that […]

Benefits of Using REO Safety Caps in Industrial Projects

22 February 2017

High-visibility REO safety caps are designed to cover the ends of sharp bars. Without these products, those pointed ends could pierce someone’s skin, or perhaps even impale a site worker. It only takes a momentary loss of balance, after all, then a falling individual is stabbed by a spear-like bar. […]

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