Common Causes of Injection Moulding Plastic Deformation

23 November 2016

Injection moulding is a process that is comprised of injecting material into a mould. The material used can vary such as metals for die casting, thermoplastic, glass, thermosetting polymers and elastomers (a polymer with viscoelasticity). The proposed material are then placed into a heated container, stirred well and then poured […]

The Importance of Space, Secure Lock and Capacity in Plastic Storage Cases

27 October 2016

Plastic storage cases have a wide array of benefits, including a variety of uses for all your business and hobby needs. However, it really does not matter how you use your plastic storage cases. When it comes to finding the ideal cases; ample space, a secure lock and extended capacity […]

Tooling Design and Contract Manufacturing: What is it all about?

17 October 2016

Under the context of injection moulding technology, a tooling design and contract manufacturing facility is responsible for an in-house manufacturing environment that incorporates a toolmaking department. Essentially, precision-fabricated tools are built according to the high tolerance needs of each undertaken project. The goal is to provide a contracted plastic moulding […]

Basic Information about Tool, Die and Mould Casting

30 September 2016

A host of fascinating production techniques dictates the shape of twenty-first-century plastic products. Distributed across a wide spectrum of manufacturing techniques, the implementation of a polymer-fashioned design has access to machining resources, die cutting facilities, and mould casting equipment. These are bleeding-edge processing procedures, form-creating methods that are capable of […]

The Impact Resistance and Reliability Features of Polyurethane Products

16 September 2016

At least two distinct classes of plastics exist today. There are the capable thermoplastics and thermosetting variants that offer limited impact-resistance features. These materials are fairly robust, lightweight, and they offer a modicum of chemical resistance. But then there are the engineering plastics, the robust materials that are entirely capable […]

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