Evaluation of Plastic Materials

07 February 2017

A walk through the ranks of machinery in a plastics manufacturing plant shows each plastic injection machine caught mid-cycle. A glance at the closest machine then demonstrates the power of its screwing mechanism as it forces melted plastic into a receiving cavity. If that currently pliable polymer is to create […]

Best Plastic Qualities That Plastic Injection Moulding Companies and Toolmakers Should Know

31 January 2017

Plastic injection moulding is an ideal way to mass produce a wide variety of plastic products ranging from medical items to automotive products. However, for the companies and toolmakers to satisfy customer demand they must understand the following best plastic qualities and processing information to bring plans into fruition in […]

The Many Benefits of Plastic Shims and Packers

12 January 2017

Plastic shims and packers have a variety of uses ranging from packaging and shipping to construction projects. In the past, these elements were made from wood or metal, but now we understand that there are definite benefits to turning to ones that are made from plastic. Tip Top Plastics offers […]

Why Storage Boxes are Ideal Gifts for the Holiday Season

22 December 2016

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is a very challenging affair, especially if the person has just about everything. This is when you need to think outside the box in order to find the ideal gift. But instead of racking your brain, you may want to consider getting your […]

Exactapak and Multi 10: Storage Boxes That Are the Tool Man’s Best Friends

08 December 2016

When men own a number of different hand tools, nails, bolts, nuts and other elements for DIY or construction tasks, it is imperative that they also turn to the right storage boxes to place these items in between uses to keep them in ideal condition. On top of this, an […]

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