Benefits and Functions of Battery Hold Down (side mount)

29 June 2016

There are so many little things in a car that vehicle owners obviously overlook, and are unable to care for them all. A good example is the battery hold down side mount, it is notorious for being overlooked and just after a few years, and most standard automobile battery holders […]

An Overview of Plastic Injection Moulding

31 May 2016

Three distinct stages define plastic injection moulding cycles. It begins with a reservoir of sourced material, a hopper filled with pellets of plastic. From here, the molten polymer liquefies and flows into a long barrel, which is where we pick up our overview.   The Injection Unit The raw plastic […]

The Importance of Polyurethane Boat Trailer Rollers for Loading and Unloading of Boats

19 May 2016

When a sleek boat floats on the water, it looks like it could sail away on the smallest breeze. The reality of the matter blows this illusion away, consuming the romanticism of the scene with heavy-load engineering physics. A water vehicle, when land-locked, is a heavy cargo. Sure, the trailer […]

Applications of Plastic Shims and Packers

29 April 2016

The construction industry isn’t short of top-notch building materials, but there’s still always going to be those last few millimetres of play to deal with when the mating materials don’t quite line up. Plastic shims and packers are the tools of choice when this situation presents itself. The colour coded […]

Double Sided Storage Cases: How They Can Be Beneficial for Hobbyists

15 April 2016

No matter what kind of hobby you enjoy, storage cases play an important role in keeping ‘everything’ in order. Whether it is holding little screws, stamps, googly eyes for stuffed animals, crayons, coloured thread, fishing lures and hooks, stickers, sketching equipment or any assortment of small parts that you use […]

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