Uses of Slab-On-Ground Plastic Bar Chairs

31 August 2016

Flat concrete surfaces are used to tame soil inconsistencies and provide a mechanically sound base. That principle rules the laying of our most stable foundations, but we need more than a hardened building material to properly execute this task. This is where reinforced metal meshes come into play. These metal […]

What are Engineering Plastics and Materials?

18 August 2016

Plastic products occupy every domestic quarter, every commercial district, and every branch of every industry. We see them as door panels in the automotive industry, as thin-shelled plastic water bottles, and everything in-between. Of course, a lowly water bottle is designed merely as a food-neutral container, something that can be […]

Plastic Injection Moulding: Bringing Your Designs to Life

29 July 2016

Whenever a client needs an accurately rendered metal-free part, plastic injection moulding is there to do the job. The process is best described as a fast and cost-effective means of repeatedly manufacturing thousands of geometrically intricate plastic components, each one identical to the next, but enough has been said about […]

Polyurethane Different Applications of Polyurethane

17 July 2016

Dictionary definitions of polyurethane describe the versatility of the polymer. The book-bound description lists the polymer as not one substance but a whole subset of transmutable plastics. Imbued with an aptitude for strength, the urethane family is a large one. Its sphere of influence goes beyond durability, putting the resilient […]

Why are Double Sided Storage Cases Ideal for Sport Fishermen and Fishermen?

15 July 2016

One of the most revolutionary storage boxes available are double sided storage cases. Actually, many feel that these storage cases are the perfect solution for organizing small items such as tackle, gear and accessories for sports fisherman. The cases are designed to organize a variety of items like fishing tackle […]

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